Focus on: Mocoh Oil & Gas Limited

2017-10-30 11:39:41


Q: What is exciting about the oil and oil product sector in Nigeria right now?

A: Nigeria has and continues to be arguably the most important oil and oil product market in Africa. Boasting the largest population on the continent, the highest fuel consumption and oil production, no discussion on opportunities in the African oil sector is complete without mention of Nigeria. Furthermore, with the new regime in power making positive noises and strides towards reforming and deregulating the oil sector, these are exciting times indeed for companies looking to lay down significant roots in an economy full of potential.

Q: Why is Mocoh Oil & Gas the right company to do business with?

A: Nigeria is the backbone of Mocoh’s trading operations in Africa. As a company, we boast over 20 years’ experience on the continent, with the majority of those focused on our most important market. The combination of our in depth local knowledge, our flexibility and commitment to outstanding service make us the ideal partner in a constantly evolving market environment. We value the relationships that we foster with our clients above all else. Trust is the cornerstone of any strong and lasting relationship, and in Mocoh you have a partner you can trust.

Q: What is Mocoh Oil & Gas’ vision for the future?

Year on year, we always strive to do better, to increase our volumes, to increase the lines of products and the range of services we offer and this is a policy we intend to continue. We are fully committed to the Nigerian market and we hope to increase our footprint by going further down the value chain and making long term, lasting investments into the market. In the first instance we hope to secure storage assets with a view to expanding into retail and distribution in the fullness of time.

The future of Mocoh in Nigeria will not be complete without looking at what we hope to give back to the nation. As things stand we actively work with a number of local charities and enterprises involved in causes from homelessness to equality in the workplace, and in the future we hope to increase our contribution by providing both employment and educational opportunities to those in need.